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Yang Tan, or “Young Tan” as she is sometimes called by her co-workers at Paramount Studio in Hollywood, has a unique background as a specialist in recording orchestral arrangements (she worked with the Chinese National Orchestra back in her native China), but the now Los Angeles-based engineer has become a favorite of urban artists lately. 

Tan is a mixer as well as a music producer. Tan says she likes to work fast, which artists often appreciate in the studio. “I love to do vocal producing and I will constantly be editing their vocals in real-time as they record,” she says. “What I usually like to do is make the demos as good as possible that night [of the recording].”

-Variety Magazine [Women Who Man the Boards: Five Engineers Powering Today’s Hitmakers Sessions]

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AMAZING MIX. I can hear every little part clearly, vocals are so clean, and low-end pumps so nice without overloading. Hit radio quality sound! Working together is a breeze and really fun- Young Chef has great ideas and communicates clearly/responds really fast. Ready for the next one!

Kimera Morrell - Customer Review on Yang's Mixes
Kimera Morrell
Artist | Singer Songwriter

thank u Yáng for holding my hand thru so many vocal sessions and being the most badass female engineer

Raveena Asha Awakening - most badass female engineer
Artist | Singer Songwriter

Thank you so much for all of your hard work & Contributions to this album ❤️ It is an HONER to have you on the ‘Reviver’ team I hope that someday we can meet in person, but until then, please stay safe, happy & healthy! ❤️ 

Thank you for everything!

Alexa - American Song Contest Champion 2022
Artist | 2022 American Song Contest Champion

I have hired Yáng for at least 7 mixes now. She is attentive to detail, and the songs come back sounding polished. I can also always trust her to give me honest feedback about how to achieve the sound I’m looking for. She has become an essential part of my production process.

Samantha Margret
Samantha Margret
Artist | Singer Songwriter

i hear the latest mix!! thankyou for taking my notes super well!! UR AMAZING ILY

Stephanie Poetri - I love you 3000
Stephanie Poetri
Artist | Singer Songwriter

This is the magic of Soundbetter <3 Yáng hired me for vocals and I loved how she mixed it, so then I hired her for mixing. What an awesome experience. I highly recommend!!

Kimera Morrell - Customer Review on Yang's Mixes
Kimera Morrell
Artist | Singer Songwriter

I had the pleasure of working with Yáng on an upcoming music project of mine. She presents herself as an engineer but is so much more. Her ability to hear my vision for the music and adopt it as her own was remarkable. When working with Yáng you immediately get the sense that you’ve gained an essential teammate to your project. Her professionalism and ability to create a space where I was a vocalist felt comfortable made the session so enjoyable. I highly recommend Yáng for whatever project you’re working on.

Nate Nathan
Nate Nathan
Producer | Singer Songwriter

Killed it again! Since it’s our second song, I appreciate how she learned my preferences from our first mix and applied them to this mix. She gets meee!

Kimera Morrell - Customer Review on Yang's Mixes
Kimera Morrell
Artist | Singer Songwriter

When I initially met Yáng, I knew right away working with her was gonna be lit! Not only did she have a good vibe, but we had amazing chemistry. She makes you feel comfortable. When it comes to working on music, those qualities are imperative because trust is everything. Everything I wanted to be done with my song she knew. She took my music to a whole new level. She is very professional, very kind, and very patient. She’s the only engineer I go to now! She has an impeccable ear and I truly believe she’s the future of engineering.

Artist | Singer Songwriter

Yessss, Yáng reads my mind at this point. No revisions needed. Just perfect. And such a wonderful person, super kind, professional. Vibes.

Kimera Morrell - Customer Review on Yang's Mixes
Kimera Morrell
Artist | Singer Songwriter

Grammy Nominated Engineer, Music Producer and Mixer based in Los Angeles. Yáng has been featured in Variety as a hitmaker engineer. As a female Asian Producer Engineer, she is dedicated to supporting girls in music.







“I see sounds in different colors on my pallet. I have the pleasure of enhancing the colors and expressions of the recording through mixing tools and gear”

Yáng Tan

My Passion for Music

I secretly took music classes! Growing up, everyone in my family was an artist. They had high expectations for me to study and become a well-trained painter. But my real passion was always music. So, when I was in high school, I secretly started taking vocal and classical piano lessons. One of the happiest times in my life was when I found out that I got accepted by a top-rated college in China to pursue my music dream. Through school, I came to realize my ears are my talent and I became obsessed with mixing. With my background in art, I see sound as different colors on my pallet. I see sounds in different colors on my pallet. I have the pleasure of enhancing the colors and expressions of the recording through mixing tools and gear. Music and art are related, and I treat each mix as an audible, moving painting. It’s important to me that audiences can easily hear the images delivered by the song and understand the true story of the artist’s creations.

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Coming from classical background, one of Yang’s earliest experiences in music was working with the China National Orchestra as a sound engineer, where she would regularly manage large-scale sound systems, often over 100 channels.

She spent several years working in live sound in Beijing before her desire to go deeper into the creative side of music production motivated her relocation to L.A. in 2014. Following a couple of years of further education and internship, she was hired at Paramount Recording Studios. It was here that her appreciation for Hip Hop and Pop music was truly cultivated, an ongoing passion that still inspires and drives her forward.

Yang Tan has had the pleasure of working with many talented artists to date, including J. Cole, Pentatonix, and Giveon. She owns and operates Young Jewels Studios and frequently works with her own roster of clients such as Jackson Wang, Raveena, and Maddi Jane. She has been featured in Variety as a hitmaker engineer.

Some of the great clients Yang has had pleasure to work with and learn from:


What genre of music do you mix & produce?

I work in multiple genres. Mostly Pop, R&B, Alt-Pop & Rock, Hip Hop, and K-Pop. I also mix movie scorings and classical pieces.

How to properly prepare stems for mixing?

We created a short YouTube video to demonstrate how to properly prepare your stems for mixing in Logic, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live. For a detailed blog post about preparing stems for mixing, please go to

What’s the turnaround time for projects?

For Mixing, we generally deliver the 1st mix within 48 hours after proper stems are delivered. After we receive your stems, we will check the stems as soon as possible and send you an email confirmation to let you know that the stems are accepted or we need more stems from you.

What if i don't like the mix

The opinion of a good mix is very subjective. I always make a 200% effect to help my clients to bring their visions alive. If I fail to deliver your vision on the first try, please feel free to reach out. I will be happy to refund you 50% of the payment you make. However, if we proceed to the next stage and start working on mix revisions, I can’t offer any refund if you’re not satisfied with the final mix in the end. Thank you for your understanding. 

do you take discounted rates?

Normally, I don’t accept discounted rates. I’m dedicated to providing premium quality mixes to my clients. However, I make exceptions when I really love your music and I want to support driven and talented musicians and artists. Please email me with a link to your music for inquiries.

can i get my money back?

Yes, you will get 100% money-back only under 1 circumstance: if the 1st mix isn’t delivered in time on the date we agree upon. For detail please refer to the project agreement. 

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We designed an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on starting a mix/production project with Yáng. We want to make sure the process is easy and streamlined for you.