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Q: How to properly prepare stems for mixing?

A: We created a short YouTube video to demonstrate how to properly prepare your stems for mixing, and how to export stems from Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. With that you can save hours of communication and have them sent right the first time. Just have that peace in mind 🙂 For a detail blog post about preparing stems for mixing, please go to

Q: What’s the turnaround time for projects?

A: For Mixing, we generally deliver the first mix within 48 hours upon confirmation of the proper stems are delivered. Basically after we receive the stems for mixing, we will check them in timely manner and make sure everything is sent right. Once they’re clear, we will email you a confirmation note letting you know that your stems are properly sent. Then within 48-hour window, you’re expecting the first mix(es). Unless advanced notice. For any unexpected circumstances, we will make sure notify you ahead of time. So that you will have an option to go to other mixers for a faster turnaround if the timeline doesn’t work for you.

After receiving your revision notes, we will turn in mix revisions within 48 hours. 

If your project needs to be expedited, please contact us about availabilities and expedition fee. Thank you!

Q: What payment type do you receive?

A: We receive Zelle, Venmo, Check, ACH, International Wire Transfer…Please let us know what type of payment methods work the best for you. We’ll send out account information and billing info once the project is completed.